Loveness and Me

A sequel to the much acclaimed Radio 4’s Boniface and Me, this play is based on a true story.

Nell Porter decides to see whether paying school fees for just one child, (Loveness Matakuro) in poverty-stricken rural Zimbabwe will make a difference.

Loveness dreams of playing netball for her country. She has been inspired by her crippled mother who tells her stories about how she used to play netball when she was younger, and how it was their love of sport that brought her and Loveness’s late father together. Loveness and her sister Rutendo form a village team, with their mother as coach, and are supported by headmaster, Godfrey Rubaya, who insists that if she wants to form a school team and play matches, all the girls will have to pay school fees and attend. This is the story of how Loveness realises her dream and, against unimaginable odds, takes her team to represent Zimbabwe in an International Tournament in Zambia.