Gillian Plowman's writing receives wide recognition for its ability to  entertain and to handle sensitive topics with humour and insight.

Many of Gillian's one act and full-length plays have been published and are constantly being performed in festivals, schools and colleges, and on the fringe.

In recent years, Gillian has been writing for Arts Dream Selsey, a charity dedicated to providing music, art and theatre to this small hard-working seaside town, performing in the derelict old Pavilion theatre, which now has plans for renovation.


Concord Theatricals

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Three Plays for Summer

Three Plays for SUmmerFollowing the success of One Last Adventure, written during lockdown and performed to masked and distanced audiences, it seemed that we had discovered a new genre of theatre. We could not get together to rehearse, and we were not allowed to move onstage, but a radio play does not need lines learnt or movement directed. It needs skilled actors who can make a story bounce off the page. So we’re doing this again.

Three more hour-long radio plays for this summer with original music written and played by the inspirational pianist Sylvia Rota.