Tonight at the Pavilion – 2018

Two one-act plays by Gillian Plowman

Performances take place at the Selsey Paviion, an old theatre that it is hope to fully restore to a working life.


Following the installation of the Blue Plaque, and the rousing ‘Call to Arms‘ by Arts Dream President Ellis Berg, plans for the restoration of the building are now firmly on the road, no matter how long that road may be.

As anyone can see, there is a lot to be done, but the visible enthusiasm of the Selsey community is encouraging us to work together to achieve the aims and vision of the owner and the Trustees. We will make this not only a community asset but a place that people want to come to from all the Manhood Peninsula as well as daring to cross the A 27 from Chichester! We are especially happy to see the building being used in the interim with Old Time Music Hall and two new plays by writer/director Gillian Plowman, continuing the tradition begun in 2014 with The End of the Journey, and that is has inspired the young director and actor Daniel Bowring, a member of the Pavilion management committee to bring his own independent production to the Pavilion. The Trust is creating a diverse group with different expertises to form a management committee, to help realise the agreed aims of the Trustees once the structural work is completed. The overall scheme is now being overseen by the Douglas Briggs Architectural Partnership, Ham Farms, Bosham. Over the next months, we will be detailing ways in which you can get involved, so watch out for more details.

The Selsey Pavilion Trust is a not-for-profit Charity Registered Charity Number 1171518 Selsey Pavilion Trustees are: Professor Pamela Howard OBE, Neil Kimber, Gill Jennings, Christian Skelton and Gillian Plowman.

Selsey Pavilion
Selsey Pavilion