Another Fine Mess

Stephen and Phil dream of being Stan and Ollie. But their cabaret act is as close as they can get and real life intrudes upon their dreams.

In the flat shared with Meg, Stephen’s girlfriend, the boys are preparing for their big break – a professional cabaret slot as Laurel and Hardy – but past relationships cause problems and a revelation from Phil throws everything into confusion. Will they make it to the show, or will the strain prove too great?

Their problems link with favourite Laurel and Hardy scenes which our characters re-enact and which throws light on the contrast between the charming innocence of Stan and Ollie and the hard reality of Stephen, Phil and Meg.

Through the course of the play we see many scenes recreated from Laurel and Hardy films including Thicker than Water, Blotto, and The Flying Deuces. Of course, from the film Way Out West, we have those favourite song and dance numbers, The Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia and Commence your Dancing.

Full length and one act play versions available from Gillian