Two one-act plays – The Wooden Pear and Beata Beatrix. First performed at the Old Red Lion in 1999.

Two pivotal moments in the lives of four fascinating characters: moments when past actions come to weigh unbearably on the present moment and redefine an uncertain future.

In ‘The Wooden Pear’, Madeleine is a woman whose life is cruelly shattered by a vicious attack. Now, ten years later, she must confront the perpetrator to exact a bizarre form of revenge, only to discover that in many ways Daniel is as much a victim as herself. Now, together they must find salvation from the past.

In ‘Beata Beatrix, a chance encounter in an art gallery reveals a man tortured by a guilty past and a woman wracked with insecurity for the future, whose lives subtly mirror Rossetti’s famous painting.

In two beautiful plays, award winning playwright Gillian Plowman explores themes of mutual dependency and personal redemption with poignant sensitivity, humour and tremendous human insight. A beautiful and thought-provoking evening’s drama.

Produced at The Old Red Lion Theatre in Islington by Carpe Diem Productions starring Frankey Martyn as Beatrice and Madeleine and Chris Humphreys as Daniel and Jon.

Script available from Gillian