One Last Adventure

A radio play read by eight actors, accompanied on the piano, performed to an intimate audience

In the lockdown of 2020, Johnnie 96 and Rose 95 take us back to 1944 to the start of their relationship and the horrors of World War II. They share their memories and experiences and prepare for one last adventure.

Umjana Land

Gordon is a retired civil servant who devotes his time to writing romantic fiction under the name of Poppy Henshaw. His wife, Leah, s successful publisher, is not aware of his affair with Ursula, their next-door neighbour, until in an argument about a proposed bypass which will destroy the local downland, Ursula reveals the deceit. Meanwhile Gordon remembers Umjana Land, the childhood world he inhabited with his sister Agnes. When Agnes returns from Africa unexpectedly, they relive their surreal childhood dreams, and Gordon tells her of his desire to write something important. Ironically, Agnes has already written a Booker Prize nominated book about Umjana Land. Gordon is left strangely alone as his daughter Abigail, Leah, Ursula and Agnes find a common bond. From Samuel French and Amazon through Gillian’s website Buy Scripts

Two Fat Men

Duncan and George feel far from comfortable attending a Weight Busters meeting, surrounded as they are by women. Waiting for the meeting to start, they meet an old flame of George’s, who bore him a child many years earlier. Duncan strikes up an affecting romance with a sign language teacher. Line dancing and snatches of Gilbert and Sullivan enhance the jolly mood of this touching comedy-drama.

Availble from Samuel French and through Amazon on Gillian’s website Buy Scripts

Touching Tomorrow

Dorcas looks after her middle aged brother Vincent, who has learning difficulties. She has brought home Gemma, a homeless girl who says she has been raped. Dorcas invites her to stay, despite the protests of her local reporter friend, Kate, but is Gemma telling the truth, is she fantasizing, or just an opportunist? It is Vincent who provides the possible way ahead for Gemma. A powerful one-act play which boldly tackles the subjects of homelessness, rape and disability with humour, honesty and warmth. Available form Samuel French and through Amazon on Gillian’s website Buy Scripts


One-act play. Performed at the King’s Head in 1992.

There’s None so Blind

Written in 1997 for first performance in 1998 by Flat Four Players. A bind reflexoligist discovers that his wife is planning an affair at work – his reaction seems noble and caring but what are his actual motives?

The Wooden Pear

Madeleine is a woman whose life is cruelly shattered by a vicious attack. Now, ten years later, she must confront the perpetrator to exact a bizarre form of revenge, only to discover that in many ways Daniel is as much a victim as herself. Now, together they must find salvation from the past.

Together with Beata Beatrix, forms the full length production Destinies. See Destinies

Was produced as a BBC radio play starring Anna Massey

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The Window Cleaner

Jill has served time in prison for killing her husband who abused her. Making a new start as a window cleaner, she disturbs Daryl who is in the process of stealing form the luxury flat whose windows she is cleaning. Daryl panics and holds Jill captive but she gets him talking about his life of crime, and the wife who left him taking with her his much-adored young daughter. In turn Jill relates her own tragic history of her husband?s death and how her baby, born in prison, was taken from her and adopted. It soon becomes evident that they have much in common and a final twist throws them together in an unlikely partnership that gives them both hope for the future.