The Purity Game

Formed part of the opening of Chichester’s Minerva Studio in 1989.

The Primrose Path

One-act play for a man and two women. James has lost is job. Bridget cannot get pregnant. They are having difficlties addressing these issues when feisty tramp Primrose lands herself upon them and makes everything a darn site worse! Available from Gillian

The Ox and Ass

A play for two men – 30’s and 50’s. Henry has just collected his father, Jeremy, from another spell in prison. Is he going to go straight this time? Copyright with author

The Janna Years

One-act play for three women and two men.

Ruby’s bosarding house is home to an odd mix of characters: Abe, the middle-aged divorcee; Chas, the northerner forced to find work in the south; Fleur, housed there by her social worker and Holly, struggling to save enough to move out. When Abe’s daughter Janna fails to arrive for the weekend as planned, frustrations and emotions are revealed in a scene, the tension of which is only released by Ruby’s announcement that it is her birthday. The reason for Janna’s absence is finally revealed but not until relationships between the characters have subtly and irrevocably changed in the moving and well-observed play about five lonely people. Published by Samuel French


Full length play for three women and one man. Is the beach house really haunted? The action is tight and a sinister air is developed with the use of very simple sets and effects. Shades of Daphne du Maurier …
Script available on ScriptCircle


Spindrift is a shorter version of the full-length play Storm, a mystery play about ghosts and the sea and the haunting consequences of secret relationships of the past. For one man and three women. Available form Gillian

Philip and Rowena

One-act play set in a hospice. Originally performed on BBC radio where it starred Leslie Philips and Renee Asherson. Very successfully performed as a one Act play in festivals. The play is for 3 men and 4 women and was first performed on Radio 4. Its first stage production was by Flat Four Players in festivals during 1997 and it was in the 24th NDFA British All Winners Final where it won the Adjudicator’s Award.

The play is a journey of reconciliation and hope – a sensitive, poignant and intensely human exploration of a tragic, yet wonderful relationship. Philip and Rowena are terminally ill. Philip seeks a divorce from his bitter wife, Lilian. Rowena longs for the unity of her family. Together they find friendship, romance, consolation and an amazing capacity for fun. in their hospice, they share an imaginary holiday in Florence: wine, dine, visit the opera and even go on scooter rides before deciding to marry. An acceptance of death is coupled with an extraordinary devotion to life. Published by Samuel French Ltd

Me and My Friend

Hilarious and heart-breaking at once, this play won Gillian the 1988 Verity Bargate Award and was seen at the Soho Poly in 1990 and Chichester Festival Theatre in 1992. The first act was produced at The Orange Tree Theatre in Richmond in June 2002 together with A Kind of Alaska by Harold Pinter.

A black comedy, the play explores the relationship between two ‘odd’ couples thrown prematurely out of hospital care. In the downstairs flat are Oz, who has never recovered from his mother’s death, and Bunny, whose workaholism led to estrangement from his wife. Upstairs are Robin, a middle-class housewife who suffocated her own son, and Julia whose obsessive thoughts of men drew her into prostitution. In the first act we see the men conduct fantasy interviews for jobs they will never get, then in the second act, the women trying to make plans for a holiday. They all meet when Oz throws a disastrous party with the four desperately attempting the niceties of social intercourse.

‘Plowman’s writing is rich in affectionate humour’ The Times. ‘Plowman has written a remarkable play …’ Sunday Telegraph. ‘It is what good theatre should be …’ What’s On.
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